The WordPress team have last week issued a Privacy release version number 4.9.6 to their popular CMS to help towards GDPR compliance requirements.

If your site is out of date and/or you have not addressed your GDPR compliance then time is of the essence; the new laws come into full effect this Friday – 25th May 2018.

General things to fix or action on  your website towards compliance…

  • Update the website software regularly
  • Use strong passwords and Change passwords regularly
  • Reissue your Privacy notice for GDPR  – the ICO has good advice and a checklist
  • Add privacy statement on all forms
  • Scan your cookies and document for your customers
  • Backup your website data (paying attention to any personal data retention periods and security of the backups)

Fixing your website is only a very small part of GDPR compliance.

Over at Woocommerce they have issued a simple guide to GDPR for all woocommerce site owners.

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